I need to learn Flash properly!

2009-06-21 05:59:19 by IgnusIudicium

Argh! I know basic Flash, and my minimal knowledge keeps putting me off actually doing something. I suppose I should just make a load of stuff to gather experience, and every time I get stuck, ask someone or find out on the Internet. But I'm just so damn lazy. It makes me sad.

Now I've finished college, hopefully I can work up enough enthusiasm to make something basic to upload in the next couple of days or something. Maybe even today!

Granted, I should be trying to get a job instead of wasting time here.
Although.. if I make something good, perhaps someone will commission me. That'd be fun. Gosh.

That's so unlikely. :(


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2009-06-21 06:24:18

Check out the flash tutorials here on Newgrounds.


2009-06-21 06:25:42

Here is the link...

But you know...I'd just focus on submitting some good art.
The Art Portal just got started...and We need to see some potential artists ^_^

Cuz so far...there are more stick-figures than mona-lisa's

IgnusIudicium responds:

Thank you very much! I'd do both of these things! :)