So, just put my first submission into the Audio Portal, little song I made a way back.
Just waiting on the Moderators to give me the thumbs up and I can finally see if people hate my music! Yay!

Argh! I know basic Flash, and my minimal knowledge keeps putting me off actually doing something. I suppose I should just make a load of stuff to gather experience, and every time I get stuck, ask someone or find out on the Internet. But I'm just so damn lazy. It makes me sad.

Now I've finished college, hopefully I can work up enough enthusiasm to make something basic to upload in the next couple of days or something. Maybe even today!

Granted, I should be trying to get a job instead of wasting time here.
Although.. if I make something good, perhaps someone will commission me. That'd be fun. Gosh.

That's so unlikely. :(


2009-06-07 09:22:54 by IgnusIudicium

I'm really craving power now. I don't understand Blam and Protection points completely and I'm sad about not having enough talent to create something fantastic to upload here.
I desire popularity, but it will never come.

Sadness I have.